by Roger Barnes on November 21, 2014

Facebook Domination Strategy


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Hey, first of all I just want to congratulate you as what you’re about to learn will seriously increase your results if you take action on what I share.

This strategy has been exploding around the internet like wildfire the past few months and lots of people have been seeing incredible success with this, thousands of people have been able to to earn their first money online, hundreds of people have been able to leave their jobs and go on to create a full time income and some of them who take serious consistent action have gone to do over $10,000/mo and beyond.

…and I’m sure that you’re going to be next on the $10,000/mo list, right?

Alright, so let’s get into it.

This strategy does require effort, it’s not going to turn you into millionaire in a month.  It requires serious dedication and consistent action but I can promise you (actually guarantee) if you take massive action on this, over the next couple of months you’re going to be making a good income just from FB, but you have to be consistent on a daily basis, I can’t stress that enough.


Step 1:  Profile Optimization


This is the most important part and needs to done right if you want to see success with FB Marketing.  One thing you need to remember is that Facebook is a “Social Network” it’s not what I like to call a “Business Pitch Fest” most people these days are using their profile for business and that’s the last thing you should be doing.

Your profile is just your HUB and it’s where the relationships are built and where the value is given.
So in order for people to see you as someone who is “Social” you need to be branding yourself on your profile, not your business.

The first thing that people see when they land on your profile is you cover photo and profile picture, so you want to make them as attractive as possible, both of them need to have a picture of you in them and they need to give off the right impression.

So get inside your prospects head and think from their mind and look at your profile and ask yourself these questions.


1 – Is this person a leader

2 – Is this person someone of value

3 – Is this person someone I would like to work with


Ask yourself those 3 question and if you answer “NO” to one of them then you need to change your profile picture and cover photo.

First impressions count so you need to give off the best possible impression right from the get go.  Take some time out, go through your photos and find the best possible ones and if you don’t have any decent photos then go out and take some.

TOP TIP – Don’t take the photo’s yourself, get someone else to take the photo for you.


Step 2:  Making Connections


So how do you get people to your profile?

By making new connections and this is done by messaging people using Facebook’s Graph Search feature.  There are an unlimited amount of people on Facebook for you to connect with.

You want to be connecting with people who are in your target market, me for example.  I like to search for people who are young (mainly in their 20’s – 30’s) and are already involved in Network Marketing.  I just find it easier to chat with people who are my own age as I feel we will have more in common so the conversation flows easier.

So once I find someone who I would like to connect with I would send them something like this in a Private Message.


***Message Template***

Hey Jonathan,

What’s up man, just came across you while I was searching
for young rockstars who are involved in this wonderful industry
we call Network Marketing.

Would love to hear a little more about you bro and what you
have going on in your life and business right now.

I’m all about building relationships with the right kind of people
and judging by your FB profile, you’re definitely someone I feel
I could learn from.

How long have you been in the industry man?

***End of Template***
…simple or what?

Nothing too complicated.  Now before we move on I just want to point out a few things about this message that you need to understand.

  • 1 – Make sure you always include the person’s name at the start of the message, don’t just say something like “Hey” then you move on to the body of the message, that will really lower your response rate.
  • 2 – When you’re messaging people choose to do either males or female (this can alternate) it’s been proven, time and time again when messaging males that if you include the words – bro, brotha, man etc it will increase your response rate ten fold as it’s personalized to them more and you want to make the message as personal as possible.
  • 3 – Make sure you are always complimenting the person in the message at least once.  In this message I complimented the person once.

Compliment – you’re definitely someone I feel I could learn from.

  • 4 – Always end the message with a question as you need to give people a reason to respond to you and with the question being the last thing the person reads it will be fresh in their mind.


Now with sending messages you want to be doing a maximum of 100 per day, so just spread it out over the day, and whatever you do don’t message all 100 at once as FB will shut you down so make sure you space them out, you could do 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening, that’s perfect and you’ll stay under FB’s radar.

me times I do it and sometimes not, it really depends on the message I am sending….and if you ever get a pop up warning from Facebook then STOP right away, no matter what you do, never input the code and continue messaging as your account will be gone in days.

TOP TIP – Never send any friend requests as Facebook will shut you down FAST, they are becoming rather strict with friend requests now, you can include “add me as a friend” in your FB message if you wish, so


Step 3:  Value Giving


This is where the magic happens, and out of all the different parts of this strategy this is the one that you need to be consistent with the most.

If you do this daily you will experience what I do on a daily basis which is when you have 3 – 5 people a day coming to you asking for your link to join your business, sometimes they don’t even know what business you’re in but they just want to work with you.

As people want to work with “PEOPLE OF VALUE”

This all comes down to doing FB posts.

When you’re posting on FB there are 3 categories as to which you should be posting about.


  • Team Success
  • Training
  • Inspiration

**In that order**

Don’t just be doing random posts on your profile.  If there is no meaning to what you’re posting then DON’T POST ABOUT IT.

If it’s not bringing value then there is no point in posting about it.

You want to be posting a maximum of 3 times per day and that’s perfect as you have 3 different types of FB posts so do one of each, every day.

Don’t worry about if there is a particular time to post as that’s irrelevant, just post when you can and never do a half ass post, always put your all into every single FB post, trust me people will know if you aren’t putting any effort into your posts.


Step 4:  The Final Step (Best Part)


If you do everything above right and do it on a consistent basis then you’re going to recruit so many people and you won’t have to worry about “Closing” people, all you’ll have to do is send people your join link to your business and happy days, commissions start flooding in.

Like I said at the start of this post, this method does require work, but if you can persevere the results you’re going to get in your business are going to blow you away, seriously.

So please take action on what I have shared with you and implement it on a daily basis and I can promise you that the results will come in.

Now I want to share with you what I do on a daily basis that will result in 3 – 5 signups a day into your business.


Daily Action Steps

Alright this is what you should be doing everyday – it’s very simple:


Action Steps:

  • Two FB posts a day – One will be a video post and the other a text one (possibly containing a photo). The posts will either be on, teams success, training or inspiration.
  • Message 100 new people using FB’s graph search.
  • Connect with the people who message and give value to them.



That has allowed me to create unreal success in my business just from those 3 simple steps that I take on a daily basis.

You don’t need to be loads of different things to create massive results in your business, you need to be doing a maximum of 3 things that you know if you did on a consistent basis you would get results.

So my advice to you now is just to mirror my exact daily actions steps.


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To Your Success,

Roger Barnes

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