The Easy Way To Get Internet Marketing Leads

by Roger Barnes on August 26, 2013

So how to do the top income earners get internet marketing leads so easily? This is a question that many people in the network marketing, MLM and affiliate marketing industry often wonder? You’ll often see them showing 50 or more leads a day. So how exactly are they able to do that? In this blog post I’m going to show you a few of the way they are able bring in all of these opt-ins on autopilot.

What Are You Doing Different Than The Top Income Earner Who Are Getting All Of Those Internet Marketing Leads?

The first thing that you have to ask yourself is, are you taking massive action? Are you doing income producing activities every day? A lot of people treat their internet marketing business more like a hobby than an actual business. You can’t expect to throw a couple of ads out and to have a bunch of money rolling in a week later. It just doesn’t work like that. Although, you often see a lot of people out there claiming that if you join their business, you’ll be making thousands in a matter of days. It really gets me mad when I see that kind of crap because it gives our industry a bad rap. There are many good internet marketing companies that you can make a lot of money with, but you have to work them and have the patience to put in the time necessary to be successful.

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Rules To Bringing In Massive Amounts Of Internet Marketing Leads

To start getting a large amount of internet marketing leads and make the type of income the leaders are earning, the following is mandatory:

  • You need to be committed to succeeding. It will take at least 90 days before you start making decent money consistently, if you are effectively working your business every day. The #1 reason most people fail, is because they quit before they every had a chance of succeeding. There was a time a few years ago when I was struggling, not making much money and ready to throw in the towel. I decided to give it one last attempt. I made a decision that I would do everything that my mentor and system training taught me and follow it exactly. I stuck it out, followed the blue print that was laid out for me and about a month later I had my first $2,000 month. $2,000 isn’t that much money, but at the time, it felt like $20,000 to me! It validated everything that I was being taught to do and made me believe and have confidence moving forward. I can look back and say that was the turning point for me becoming a full-time Internet Marketer. I can only imagine where I’d be now, if I would have stuck to my initial thought of quitting?
  • If you want to bring in massive amounts of internet marketing leads, you need to get educated on the different methods of advertising. There are many ways to advertise your online business opportunity, such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), Free Online Classified Ads, Post Card Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, Solo Ads, and Article Marketing/Blog Posts to name a few. My most effective method that gets the most leads and brings in the most money for me is Article Marketing. I wrote a pretty in depth tutorial on how to write an article/blog post and get it to rank high on Google. You can CLICK HERE to check it out. The most important thing is to pick 1 or 2 forms of advertising to start out with, learn everything that you can about them and take daily action.
  • Another important thing that all top income earners use to get their “internet marketing leads”, is a turn key system to promote their business. A good system does all of the telling, selling, showing, etc. and frees up your time, so all you have to do is concentrate on driving traffic to your capture page website. The system should have videos telling your leads about your business, follow up emails that are automatically sent out to them, in depth training on advertising, daily instruction, etc.

I Use A Fully Automated Advanced System To Bring Me Internet Marketing Leads And Sign Ups To My Business

The system that I’m currently using is called the IPAS System. It’s the most advanced and as close to fully automated system that I have used to date. It is bringing in more internet marketing leads, sales and sign ups than ever! Here is some of the system features:

  • Works with a company that pays out 100% commissions and generates monthly residual income for you.
  • Website and Capture pages are provided
  • You get your own Personal Business Assistant (PBA) who will call your leads, customers and sign ups for you. They will develop a business plan for them, answer your lead’s questions, close sales and signups, upsell the higher priced products
  • Unlimited Done-For-You Traffic. You can purchase guaranteed traffic to your website. This is optional and will put your business on complete autopilot.
  • High Converting Sales Funnels.
  • Personal Business Kits which will provide you with an additional source of income.

Since using this new system, I have increased my online income by 300%. This is mainly due to my favorite feature of the system – the professional phone closing team of Personal Business Assistants. In the past I was never a fan of spending half my day on the phone with internet marketing leads, so it was something that I chose not to do. I knew it the follow up calls can drastically increase your income, but I was making great money and just didn’t want to trade all of my time for it. I got into internet marketing so I could have time freedom. Now with having my own Personal Business Assistant, it’s no longer an issue!

If you would like to learn more about the IPAS System, CLICK HERE to watch a short series of videos that explains how it all works.

Now that you know that bringing in internet marketing leads like the top online income earners isn’t impossible, start taking action today so you can get the same results!

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And along with that, I’m finding that more and more I want to document
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Google considers social media interaction more important than standard keywords since the Google Penguin


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