iPAS 2 Review: Does It Work or Is It A Waste Of Your Time?

by Roger Barnes on September 10, 2014

After looking over their system, here is my iPAS 2 review.

iPAS 2 Review





iPAS 2 Review: So what is it?


iPAS stands for Internet Profit Acceleration System. This system was developed by veteran Internet Marketer Chris Jones and his partners. It is the first ever Internet Marketing Franchise System. It took 3 years and 100,000+ man hours in researching, refining, tweaking and testing. Anyways, let me get right to the details and exactly what the system can do to help you be successful and make money with it?

My favorite feature of iPAS 2 is their Coaching System. They provide you with coaches who will call your customers for you, answer their questions, close the sale, and give them continuous coaching from there on out. The only job that you have is to drive traffic to your webpage (that they provide you with) and the coaches take over from there. The cool thing is, that they also provide can drive the traffic for you, if you choose that option. I will go into this in more detail in this iPAS 2 Review in just a minute.

The iPAS 2 system also provides you with a coach as well, who you’ll have live access to help you with a business plan and get any questions answered any time you want. No other system out there does this!

note: If you don’t feel like reading, you can CLICK HERE to watch a short video that explains every detail of the iPAS 2 System.

This iPAS 2 Review will explain how you can get them to send people to your website

If you have any experience with internet marketing, then you know that the key to being successful online is to have a steady flow of leads visiting your webpage every day. There are both free and paid methods that you can choose from to drive traffic. You can use both with this iPAS 2 System.

Free marketing such as posting to Facebook, Twitter, blog posting, online classified websites, etc. can be very effective but also very time consuming. You can find success with it, but you’ll have to be patient because it will take time to start seeing results. There have been many successful Internet Marketers who have made a lot of money within this industry using free advertising methods. There is some great training on using free advertising within the iPAS 2 system.

If you’re anything like me, you might be impatient and want to see results immediately. If that’s the case, then paid advertising is the answer. It takes very little effort and time, while getting you quick results. The problem with paid advertising is that most people just starting out, don’t know what advertising methods to use and how to do it. This is where the iPAS 2 System really separates itself from everyone else! Like I mentioned earlier in this iPAS 2 Review, they provide their members with an option to have the advertising and traffic done for them.

The iPAS 2 team has partnered with a internet marketing traffic generation company to get it’s members wholesale prices on highly qualified traffic. What I mean by highly qualified is that these are people who are actively seeking to make money online and have a history of spending money on such opportunities. These are exactly the type of people that you want visiting your website.

Learn how you can have this whole business run on autopilot for you from this iPAS 2 Review

iPAS 2 Review







So here is an example of how their done for you traffic works and how you can have an almost complete autopilot business with iPAS 2:

  • Let’s say you want to have 500 people visit your webpage. You would login to your iPAS 2 back office and purchase 500 clicks (clicks is a term for website visitors).
  • The iPAS 2 System will then send 500 people (who are interested in making money online) to your website.
  • Once on your website they will watch a video presentation and then fill in their contact info, if they’re interested in purchasing a 7 day trial. On average 30% of the people who watch the video, are purchasing the trial.
  • Once they purchase the trial, an iPAS 2 coach will call them for you. They will answer any questions that they have and upsell them on the importance of becoming a member and purchasing that various products that the iPAS2 System offers. As an iPAS 2 member, when you purchase a product from within the system, you then have the ability to sell them for up to a 70% commission (like I mentioned, the coaches do the actual selling for you). You’re not required to purchase every product. But obviously the more products you own, the better position that you’re in to make more money per sale. iPAS 2 commissions range from $37-$99 monthly reoccurring, to $3,000 one time commissions. So as you can see, you can make a lot of money with the iPAS products and it all requires no effort on your part.
  • Once a person becomes an iPAS 2 member, the coaches will remain in contact with them while providing them with a business plan and helping them with any questions that they might have along the way.

As you can see, this is a completely automated turn-key system. I have been a full-time Internet Marketer for the past 5 years and I have never seen anything like the iPAS 2 System. These guys have identified all of the major things that cause people to fail in Internet Marketing and they have come up with a solution to fix those problems. This is just an awesome system! I am so excited to start helping people make a lot of money online and also to start making even more money from myself with a lot less effort.

To do the iPAS 2 System justice, you really need to check out all of it’s features for yourself. You can do that by CLICKING HERE

One other thing that I almost forgot to talk about in this iPAS 2 Review, is how they developed the first ever Internet Marketing Success Calculator. No one in the industry has ever done this before! The calculator has input your desired monthly income goal that you want to earn. It will then tell you exactly how many clicks (traffic) and sales you’ll need to reach that income goal. This totally takes the guess work out of the equation. I have found this calculator to be very accurate. The formula that it uses is based on the result percentages that the developers and testers have gotten from the past 3 years of testing. I have found this tool to be invaluable. It’s like an insurance policy.

Well anyways, I’m going to stop writing before I turn this “iPAS 2 Review” into a novel. lol. There are just so many awesome features within this system. I have only touched on a few.  You’re going to be blown away by everything that it has to offer!


To your success,

Roger Barnes





P.S.  In this iPAS 2 Review I highlighted some of my favorite features, but you’re really going to want to click on this link:  http://trck.me/iPAS2Blog/ and watch the video presentation for yourself.





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