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by Roger Barnes on August 17, 2013

Are You Looking For MLM Coaching?

When starting out in multi-level marketing, having the proper MLM coaching is vital to your success. When you first join an MLM company it can very overwhelming and often times you’re left feeling confused, not knowing what exactly to do and trying to figure things out on your own. It doesn’t have to be like that! Finding an MLM coach will speed up the learning curve, save you a lot of time and money, and increase your odds of success.

MLM Coaching MLM Coaching

I’ve been involved with MLM and Internet Marketing for the past 8 years and I’ve been doing it full time for the past 5. During my first few years starting out I struggled to consistently make money and came close to giving up quite a few times. Luckily I was able to come across a couple really successful network marketers who were able to give me the MLM Coaching that I needed. I am forever grateful for their mentorship, because with out it, I wouldn’t have been able to work from home and would have been stuck still working my old 9-5 job. In this article I’m going to give you the “Top 5 Tips To Finding A Good MLM Coach”.

#1: MLM Coaching Doesn’t Have To Come From Someone That You Know Or Are Even Able To Contact Directly

I never even met my first MLM Coach. I found someone that was having the kind of success that I was trying to achieve in my MLM company. I then got on his mailing list, checked out his website everyday, watched his training videos and studied everything that he was doing. I pretty much used his advertising as a blueprint and modeled my own efforts after his. I tried to do everything exactly how he was doing it.

#2: Check Your Ego At The Door And Be Willing To Accept And Follow Your MLM Coaching

The reason why most people fail in this industry is because they let their ego and pride get in the way. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had people come to me for help and then not do the things that I tell them. I’ll show them my daily advertising routine (proven methods that make me money and get results) and give them step by step directions. They will then skip some steps, only do a few of the things that you tell them, and  even add in some of their own ideas.  I will never understand why people do that. When you find a successful person who is willing to give you MLM coaching, make sure to do exactly what they tell you to do. Their advertising methods work and have proven results. Why try and reinvent the wheel? If Tiger Woods was giving you golf lessons, would you tell him the swing he’s teaching you is wrong and then ignore him and do it your own way? To me that’s insanity but you see it all of the time in this industry. The people who do listen to their mentor’s instruction are the one’s who are successful. Like I mentioned, I think it’s just some people’s egos that prevent them from being able to take instruction. They want to think that they know everything and can figure out how to do it all on their own. Even the most intelligent people still need help and instructions when it comes to learning new things.

#3: Find An MLM Coach That Is Doing A Type Of Advertising That Interests You

Like I mentioned before, look for someone who is getting the type of results that you want for yourself. If you’re interested in Article Marketing, then find someone who is really good at SEO and is consistently able to get their content to rank on the first page of Google. Study what they are doing and learn everything that you can from them about SEO. The same can be said for other forms of advertising like PPC, Postcard, Facebook, Social Media, Solo Ads, etc. If you’re interested in one of these other form of advertising, find experts who are getting results in those methods and study how they are doing. It’s this type of “MLM Coaching” that will make you successful. Remember…you don’t have to have just one MLM Coach, you can have multiple mentors.

#4: Seek Out A Mentor That You Can Connect With

Find an MLM leader who you click with. This doesn’t mean that they have to have to have to be the same age, have the same interests as you or the same gender and background. The MLM Coach just needs to have a style of teaching that is easy for you to learn from and keep you interested. It’s important that their personality meshes with yours as well.

#5: Make Sure To Take Consistent Action From The Things That You’re Taught From Your MLM Coaching

It is very important that you take daily consistent action on the things that you learn from your MLM Coaching. When you find yourself a mentor, give them at least 90 days where you are doing exactly what they are teaching you on a daily consistent basis. After those 90 days, if you’ve honestly done everything that you were shown to do, then take a look at your results and evaluate your MLM coach. Before you decide that what you’re learning isn’t working ask yourself, “Have I really been following my mentor’s instructions and taking the prescribed actions?”. If you’ve found that what they’ve been teaching you is working, then continue learning from them. If not then move on and find another mentor. You will have many MLM coaches and mentor’s through out your journey.

An MLM business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You will not have massive success overnight. But if you stay committed to taking massive daily action, and continue learning from others, you can make a lot of money.

Pick a mentor today and start getting some MLM coaching – your business will be better off for it!

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