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by Roger Barnes on August 22, 2013

Are you tired of working your butt off trying to earn a profit online and getting nowhere? So many people struggle at making money online and most of the time it’s not from their lack of effort. They just need a little guidance from someone with internet marketing experience and who has had success. There is just so much information out there that it just becomes overwhelming for a beginner. I remember when I was first starting out and searching for a way to make money online. There were so many people promoting so many business opportunities making so many claims. There’s a lot of bull crap out there and it’s hard to tell the difference between the scams and the legit business opportunities. You really need to do your homework and research the companies.


I’m Ready To Find A Company And Make A Profit Online, What Should I Look For?


Here’s a list of 5 things that you need to look for when determining if you can make a profit online with a company:

  1. Is there anyone in this company that is having good results and making money? If your goal is to make $100,000 a year, you better make sure that there are people in the company who are actually earning that or more. If there are people making that much, then you know it’s possible to reach your goal.
  2. How good is their pay plan? I personally only join companies that pay out 100% commissions or close to it. There are a number of companies out there now that do this. Anything less and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.
  3. How well is the training that they provide? This might be one of the most important aspects. The company can have the best compensation plan in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell their products or services – what good is it? There’s nothing worse then joining a company and being left out to dry, not knowing what to do. This is why most people fail online. You need to find a company that uses done for you systems and gives you step by step directions on how to promote it.
  4. Do they sell products or services that people actually want to buy? I was in a company back in the day that was selling a bunch of lotions, potions and pills that I couldn’t even give away for free. That was my introduction to network marketing and that company taught me everything not to do! Since then I’ve gone on to find a few really successful mentors, especially one named Rob Fore, who have helped me along the way to making a profit online and becoming a full-time internet marketer. I’ve been at this game full-time for the past few years and I couldn’t be more thankful.
  5. Find a company that provides you with a system that does the telling, selling, and showing for you. A good system will give you your own website with a capture page, introductory/sales videos and emails your leads for you automatically to follow up with them for future sales. If a system is done right, your only job is to drive traffic to your capture page (which the company should teach you how to do) ,then the system takes over from there and closes the sale/signup for you on autopilot.

Best Way To Profit Online Tip:


The quickest way to generating full-time “profit online” is to find someone who is having the type of results that want for yourself, and model your efforts after them. Do the exact same things that they are doing. A prime example is how my business went from being a hobby to something that now I am able to support my wife and two kids with. I started following the trainings of my mentor Rob Fore (who I already mentioned) and did exactly everything that he taught and I just took massive action. I put my faith in him, had patience, and within a few months my business started building the way he said it would. profit online

I can’t stress enough that it is important to have a successful mentor who can give you a blueprint to how they became successful. It’s also important to network with other successful Internet Marketers. Surround yourself with success and learn as much as you can from them. I’m lucky enough to be a part of an internet marketing team, called The Prosperity Team, that has some of the most successful online marketing leaders and 6 and 7-figure earners on it. They all specialize in different forms of internet and offline marketing. We are all constantly learning from each other.


Can I Join Your Team And Learn How To Turn A Profit Online?


The short answer is yes, if you’re someone who is serious about making a profit online, is willing to learn and ready to take massive action to reach your goals. There really hasn’t been a better time to link up with The Prosperity Team than now. We are set release a new system this week that is in my opinion, a game changer! It will be working with a company that possesses all the qualities that I mentioned above. He’s a brief overview of what to expect from this awesome system:

  • Working with a company that pays out 100% commissions.
  • Provides you with capture pages, advanced training from 6 & 7-figure earners, a fully automated system.
  • You are given a Personal Business Assistant (PBA) who will call all of your leads and customers for you. They will follow up with them, set them up with a business success plan, close sales and up sell the higher priced products/services for you. This eliminates the number one reason why most people fail in this industry: they’re not trained salespeople. I don’t know about you, but I hate picking up the phone and calling leads. With a lot of other companies this is necessary to really build you business to where it’s a full-time income. With this new system you can finally put down the phone and start picking up more paychecks instead! These PBA’s are trained on all of the products and services and are experts at explaining them.
  • This is a great system for beginners as well. The Prosperity Team provides daily training sessions where you are given a daily action plan that tells you exactly what to do. You are provided with already done for you content (if you choose to use it) and told how and where to advertise it.
  • Also, if you don’t have a lot of time to advertise yourself, this system has an option where you can pay to have high quality leads sent to your capture page/website. But if you do have time, The Prosperity Team also provides training on many free advertising methods as well.

If you would like to learn more about the new system and all of its features, CLICK HERE.

Also, if you would like to work with me and my 6 and 7-figure earning business partners on The Prosperity Team, click the button below:


Prosperity Team






Whether you work with our team or join another business, just remember that the key to consistently making a profit online, is to never stop learning, model your efforts after proven leaders, and to take action my doing profit producing activities each and every day.

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